Welcome to FOAD.*

FOAD is an acronym. If you don't know what it
means, then you're not thinking diligently enough.

The internet is a network.
The internet is not an entertainment medium.
Software creates an entertainment medium,
and uses the internet for the underlying communication.

Most software is stable until it is targetted for sale to consumers.
Most consumer software products are buggy and problematic.
Most consumer software products are based on Microsoft tools.

"The Web" is a term describing a specific
category of data and software to present it.
"The Web" is not a network.
"The Web" is not the internet.
"The Web" is just a reference and communications
tool, no matter how many idiot MBA's convince
inexperienced investors that it is something else.
The biggest attraction on "The Web" is porn.
The biggest money maker on "The Web" is porn.**
"The Web" is full of stupid pages like this one.
Consumers like "The Web"; they know nothing else.

The term "Portal" is a clever way of saying
"Obviously overvalued search engine web site trying
feverishly to preserve its public stock value by adding lots
of frivolous crap, with CEO also trying not to get sued
for misrepresentation of earning potential."

Terms like B2B, B2C, B2B2C and P2P are dumb.

How good you are and who you are is almost nothing.
How good you look and who knows you is almost everything.

If you don't understand these technicalities, then you
probably won't do very well with an internet business.

Click here to see the first 400 million digits of PI.
Netscape won't load a page with more than 100 million characters.
IE will probably just stop at some point and crash your machine.

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*This page was created in 1998 and the core message has remained the same.
**This has since been replaced by real businesses thanks to the crash of the artificial dot-com ecomony.

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